Dollar Rent A Car

Need the perfect vehicle for your Glacier Vacation?

Look no further.  With a few easy steps you can be on the road……….

Since we are seasonal there are a few hoops to navigate to reserve a car, it’s easy!

If you are picking up your car in East Glacier, just email or call at 800-457-5335 and be sure to tell them East Glacier for the city and they will pull up our location   and your reservation will forward to us in the spring, as we have no access to Dollar’s computer system in the winter.  The rates are the same and you can choose the size of vehicle and use any discounts that we do not have access to.

If you need a specialty vehicle such as an suv or 12 passenger van, Please give our friendly supplier a call at our Kalispell office.  Call 800-457-5335 ask for the helpful manager, and be sure that you tell them it is for East Glacier, so it will be in the right town on your arrival.  If you need a Amtrak pickup, they can load it in the system for you.

We are open from mid May through late September.

We are open from 9am-9pm daily, but if the evening train is late we will be there.

We do not have an office at the Amtrak Depot, we are at the Sears Motel.

Remember that cars are priced in 24 hour days.  Plan well and you can save a day’s rental.

We do have free pickup at the Depot or any hotel in town, but remember we do not have an office at the depot, so we are not there other than when the train comes in.  Call us about 5-10 minutes before you need your reserved car and we will send someone for you.  If the train is late (and it usually is) we will know.   Our usual procedure is to bring the driver only (and unaccompanied minors) the 6 blocks to our office due to multiple pickups at the depot.  You can return with your own rental vehicle and only load your luggage once.  We do this every day, and this will get you to your room or to the park faster.  Why not spend the night at the Sears Motel and the day you save on your car rental will pay for your room!

Please remember to bring your unexpired drivers licenses and also remember to bring a copy of proof of insurance.  Your insurance company sends out two when you renew, one for the car, one for the wallet.  Also you can usually print one from your online account.  In case of damage, accident, or even a traffic stop by the police you will need proof that you are insured.  If going to Canada, it is a good idea to have your agent print you a Canadian Non Resident Liability Card to prove that you carry liability insurance in an amount suitable to the Canadian Government.